Gephardt for President, Inc.

30-second ad run in Iowa, Nov. 21, 2003

Morris & Carrick

Male Announcer: Howard Deanís attacking Dick Gephardt for a position Dean took himself.

Audio of Debate Moderator: "Is that an up or down, yes or no, on the $87 billion per se?"
Dean: "On the 87 billion dollars for Iraq?"
Moderator: "Yes."
Dean: "We have no choice, but it has to be financed by getting rid of all the president's tax cuts."

Chiron: New York City Democratic Debate 9/25/03

Dean: "I donít think this Iraq disagreement frankly rises to the level of a big campaign issue and I donít, I donít intend to make whether you voted for it or against the supplemental appropriation a campaign issue." 

Chiron: "Iowa Press" IPTV 10/19/03

Gephardt: Iím Dick Gephardt and I approve this message because leadership is about making tough decisions and sticking with them.

Chiron: Paid for by Gephardt for President and Approved by Dick Gephardt

On the screen: 1. Clip of Dean from the Sept. 25, 2003 Democratic debate in NYC.  2. Clip of Dean from Oct. 19, 2003 appearance on "Iowa Press."  3. Gephardt talking to the camera.
Notes and Observations: A response to Dean's November 17, 2003 ad