John Kerry for President, Inc.

"Close Enough" 
Internet spot  April 5, 2004


Teacher:  George it looks like you’re having a little trouble with your math….
Little George:  What do you mean?
Teacher:  Well, your budget numbers don’t add up.
Little George:  Well they’re close enough. 
Teacher:  George, you’ve overspent by $6 trillion.
Little George:  Oh, is that a lot?
Teacher: (Sighing) Well yes it is…OK, here, you forgot to pay for the cost of making your tax cut permanent. …
That adds $2.2 trillion alone.
Little George:  Well I really want it.
Teacher:  And now here, you spent another $616 billion for your prescription drug plan.
Little George:  I know, but the drug companies need the money.
Teacher:  And see this little plan to privatize social security?
Little George:  Yeah?
Teacher:  Well that costs $1.4 trillion.
Little George:  I know, and I don’t even like the program.
Teacher:  Well, George if you’re going to spend all this money, you have to figure out a way to pay for it. 
Little George:  Well you just watch.  When I’m president, I’m gonna spend as much money as I want.
Narrator:  And that’s exactly what George Bush did…. 
On the screen: Done in the style of writing on a chalk board.
Notes and Observations: This Internet ad was tied to a report the campaign released the same day "Report on More than $6 Trillion of Unpaid Bush Initiatives: Bush Has Presided Over a Reckless Spending Explosion."  Bush-Cheney '04 responded with a five-page Memorandum in which policy director Tim Adams concluded that "Senator Kerry's attack includes intiatives that he claims to support and sometimes voted to increase.  Much of Kerry's $1.7 trillion in new spending would go on top of the costs listed above."