John Kerry for President, Inc.

30-second ad released April 21, 2004 run in 17 states --ME, MI, PA, IA, NM, OR, WI, FL, MN, MO, NH, NV, WV, AZ, AR, WA and OH.


John Kerry (to camera):  As President Iíll set a few clear national priorities for America. 

First, we will keep this country safe and secure. 

Second, Iíll put an end to tax incentives that encourage American companies to ship jobs overseas. 

And third, weíll invest in education and healthcare. 

My priorities are jobs and healthcare.  My commitment is to defend this country.

Iím John Kerry and I approved this message because together we can build a stronger America. 

On the screen: Medium close up of Kerry, wearing suit and tie, talking to the camera.  He is in what looks like a library like setting with a bit of American flag visible behind his right shoulder.
Notes and Observations: According to the press release this ad and "Risk" marked "a significant new ad campaign designed to tell the American people how Kerry will build a stronger and more secure America." This is the most formal, "presidential" looking ad the Kerry campaign has run thus far.