John Kerry for President, Inc.

60-second ad released May 3, 2004 run in 19 states -- AZ, AR, CO, FL, IA, LA, ME, MI, MN, MO, NV, NH, NM, OH, OR, PA, WA, WV, WI.


John Kerry:  I was born in Fitzsimons Army Hospital in Colorado.  My dad was serving in the Army Air Corps.  Both of my parents taught me about public service.  I enlisted because I believed in service to country.  I thought it was important if you had a lot of privileges as I had had, to go to a great university like Yale, to give something back to your country.

Del Sandusky:  The decisions that he made saved our lives.

Jim Rassmann:  When he pulled me out of the river, he risked his life to save mine.

Announcer:  For more than 30 years, John Kerry has served America.

Vanessa Kerry:  If you look at my fathers time in service to this country, whether, its as a veteran, prosecutor, or Senator, he has shown an ability to fight for things that matter.

Teresa Heinz Kerry:  John is the face of someone whos hopeful, whos generous of spirit and of heart.

John Kerry:  Were a country of optimists, were the can do people and we just need to believe in ourselves again.

Announcer:  A lifetime of service and strength.  John Kerry for President.

John Kerry:   Im John Kerry and I approve this message.

On the screen
Notes and Observations: The press release describes this ad and "Lifetime" as "two new biographical television ads introducing John Kerry's lifetime of service and strength to the American people."