John Kerry for President, Inc.

30-second ad run starting May 28, 2004 run FL, AZ, NM, NV, CO, OH.

A. Gutierrez and Associates


Narrador: Por su heroísmo en Vietnam, John Kerry ganó las Medallas estrellas de Plata y de Bronce y tres Corazones Púrpura (Purple Heart). 

John Kerry sabe que el Monumento en Washington a la Segunda Guerra 
Mundial también es un homenaje a soldados con nombres como García, Chávez y Ortiz. 

John Kerry rinde honor a todos esos Latinos que se han distinguido en las fuerzas armadas, por su valor y dignidad. 

John Kerry honra a todos nuestros veteranos.

John Kerry: Soy John Kerry y he aprobado este mensaje.

On the screen: Stills and moving images of Kerry in Vietnam.  Images of the World War II Memorial.  Photos of veterans fill the left side of the screen while names scroll up.  Photos of veterans on left side of screen and image of Kerry in dress uniform on the right side of the screen.  Campaign logo up during disclaimer voiceover.
Notes and Observations: This ad marked the start of the campaign's general election Spanish language advertising.  

The Corpus Christi Caller-Times reported on June 3 that several of the photos used in the ad were taken without permission from the book 'South Texas Heroes,' which the Caller-Times published in 2003.  Gutierrez resigned as a result. 

Narrator: For his heroism in Vietnam, John Kerry won the Silver and Bronze Stars and three Purple Hearts. 

John Kerry knows that in Washington, the World War II Memorial is a monument to soldiers with names such as García, Chávez and Ortiz. 

John Kerry honors all of those Hispanics who have distinguished themselves in our armed forces with valor and dignity. 

John Kerry honors all of our veterans.

John Kerry: I am John Kerry and I approved this message.