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John Kerry for President, Inc.

30-second ad run starting June 30, 2004 in NM.

[Music] Male Announcer:  Hes a husband and father. 

A pilot, a hunter, a hockey player. 

Tough prosecutor, advocate for kids. 

19 years Senate Foreign Relations Committee. 

Author of a strategy to win the war on terror. 

A combat veteran who has been praised by former Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under both Presidents Reagan and Clinton. 

Stronger at Home.  Respected in the World.  John Kerry for President.

John Kerry (voiceover): Im John Kerry and I approved this message.

On the screen: 1. Clip of John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry sharing a laugh.  2. Clip of kids playing ball.  3. Photo of Kerry piloting a plane.  4. Photo of Kerry hunting.  5. Clip of Kerry skating towards the camera, raises hockey stick. 5. B&W photo, medium shot of Kerry.  6. Kerry with a group of kids.  7. B&W photo, CU of Kerry on the phone.  8. Cover of Kerry's book The New War.  9. Black and white photo of the young Kerry being awarded medal; add photo of Adm. William Crowe (USN. Ret.) and add photo of Gen. John Shalikashvili (USA. Ret.).  10. B&W photo of Kerry; inset color video clip of Kerry and text "Stronger at Home  Respected in the World;" add disclaimer.
Notes and Observations: The Bush campaign responded with "Yakuza."