John Kerry for President, Inc.

"Husband and Father"
One of seven 30-second ads run starting July 7, 2004.

Announcer: Hes a husband and father. 

A hunter.  Hockey player. 

Tough prosecutor.  Advocate for kids. 

A man of faith. 

A combat veteran who earned three Purple Hearts, risking his life to save others. 

19 years Senate Foreign Relations Committee. 

Praised by former Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Presidents Reagan and Clinton. 

Stronger at home.  Respected in the world. 

John Kerry for President.

John Kerry: I'm John Kerry and I approved this message. 

On the screen
Notes and Observations: Very similar to "Pilot."  The line about "Author of a strategy to win the war on terror," which drew the attention of the Bush campaign, is gone.  New is "man of faith" and "combat veteran."