John Kerry for President, Inc.

"Who Is This Man"
60-second ad targeted to the African American community run starting July 14, 2004 in battleground states and major cities in other states.

UniWorld Group, Inc.

John Kerry:  I'm John Kerry.

Woman 1:  So that's John Kerry.  Who is this man?

Man 1:  Is he really any different?

Woman 2: Why should I care?  Does he care about me?

Announcer:  Find out how John Kerry will fight to bring back the 1.8 million jobs that have been lost under George W. Bush and how he will work to create millions of new, good-paying jobs.

Man 2:  Can he really make a difference for me and my family?

Announcer: Learn about John Kerry's plan to expand access to health care to nearly all Americans, especially our children.

Man 3:  What can he do for my community?

Announcer:  Get to know about the John Kerry "Education Trust Fund" that will give public schools the resources they need to excel, and how he plans to make college affordable again by offering a new College Opportunity Tax Credit.

Woman 2:  I think I will.

Announcer:  John Kerry, get to know him.  Visit, or call your nearest John Kerry campaign office.

John Kerry:  I'm John Kerry and I approved this message.

Announcer:  Paid for by John Kerry for President, Incorporated.


Notes and Observations: Two days after announcing a major Hispanic advertising effort, the Kerry campaign announced a $2 million buy on African American media in a press conference at campaign headquarters.  Chuck Morrison, executive vice president of UniWorld Group, Inc., the New York based, African American-owned firm that produced the ads, said the campaign will serve to introduce John Kerry to the African American community by "talking to us, not at us."  The campaign describes the buy, which includes television, radio and print and will run through the convention, as "an unprecedented commitment this early in a presidential campaign."  Historically Democratic presidential campaigns have not done this kind of targeted advertising until after their conventions.