Kerry-Edwards 2004, Inc.

"Wrong Choices"
30-second ad announced Sept. 8, 2004.
Male Announcer: George Bush.
$200 billion for Iraq.
In America, lost jobs and rising health care costs.
George Bush’s wrong choices have weakened us here at home.  
The Kerry Plan.
Stop tax incentives for companies that ship jobs overseas.
Lower health care premiums by up to a $1000 per family.                         
Reduce the deficit to protect Medicare and Social Security.
Stronger at home.  Respected in the world.
John Kerry: I’m John Kerry and I approved this message.
On the screen:  1. Video clip of Bush walking; he waves.  (Text: "$200 Billion for Iraq", "Lost Jobs" "Rising Healthcare Costs")  2. B&W MCU clip of Bush speaking.  3. B&W CU face of woman.  4. B&W CU face of man.  5. Clip of Kerry speaking during rally (Text "Kerry: a plan for America")  6. Clip moving past a fence, greenery and some kind of plant or factory (Text: "Stop tax incentives for outsourcing")  7. Man in hard hat, possibly Kerry, shaking hand with man in a hard had (Text as before).  8. Hand turning over paper, pan up to show man's face (Text "Lower healthcare premiums")  9. Kerry with woman and child (Text as before).  10. Clip of Kerry gesturing during speech (Text "Protect Medicare Social Security")  11. Senior couple (Text as before).  12. Kerry gesturing while speaking; indistinct foggy blue background; add "Stronger at Home; Respected in the World" and logo and disclaimer.
Notes and Observations: