Kerry-Edwards 2004, Inc.

"Got MILC?"
30-second ad for WI annnounced Oct. 20, 2004.

Announcer: Recently we learned that George Bush has a secret plan to terminate the MILC program, our dairy farmers’ safety net.

When the President's in Wisconsin, asking for our votes, he says he supports the program.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, his allies killed MILC's extension.

The President fights for special deals for Halliburton, but won’t fight for Wisconsin's dairy farmers.

John Kerry will extend the MILC program and protect dairy farmers all across Wisconsin. You can count on it.”

John Kerry: I’m John Kerry and I approve this message.
On the screen:
Notes and Observations:  This ad was announced the same day the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation bestowed its endorsement on President Bush; the first issue cited in the Federation's press release is that Bush had expressed "his desire to work with Congress and support for extension of the MILC (Milk Income Loss Contract) program through 2007.