Kerry-Edwards 2004, Inc.

30-second ad run in OH starting Oct. 21, 2004 (during the baseball's National League Championship series).

Todd Little:  President Bush was invited by the Timken Company to come to Canton.

Bush:  “I know you’re optimistic about the future of this company.  I’m optimistic about the future of our country.”
Todd Little:  About a year later Timken announced that they were going to close the bearing factories and cut 1,300 people out of work…..people felt real betrayed.
Narrator:  Timken is now building a new plant in China.  Under President Bush they’ll get a tax break.
Todd Little:  Its about time we had a President who’s on Ohio side.

Chyron: It’s Time For A New Direction.

John Kerry:  I’m John Kerry and I approve this message.
On the screen:
Notes and Observations:  According to the campaign's Oct. 22, 2004 press release:

"The ad features Todd Little, a Timken employee whose job will be lost under the current Timken plan. In 2003, George Bush came to Timken to tout his economic plan.  He used Timken as a model for economic growth.  Less than a year later, Timken announced plans to lay off 1,300.  Tim Timken is a close friend of President Bush, and has donated large sums of money to his re-election, as well as his father's Presidential Library. 

"Additionally, today's Cleveland Plain Dealer detailed the numerous no-bid contracts that Bush has given to his friends at Timken.  It appears that Ohio now has its very own Halliburton."