Kerry-Edwards 2004, Inc.

30-second ad seen on WITI FOX 6 on Oct. 25, 2004

Man 1: The Middle Class under George Bush is losing everything in Wisconsin.

Woman 1: We lost all of our jobs.

Man 2: They move the jobs to Brazil and China.

Man 3: It worries me but it worries my wife even more.

Female Announcer: George Bush gives tax breaks for companies that export jobs.  John Kerry will give companies tax breaks for creating jobs here in Wisconsin.

Man 2: Mr. Bush is wrong.  Outsourcing is not making us stronger.

Woman 2: We have lots of families that were devastated by this.

Man: Tell George Bush to try and get a job here in Wisconsin.

Female Announcer: It's time for a new direction here in Wisconsin.

Kerry voiceover: I'm John Kerry and I approved this  ....
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