Kerry-Edwards 2004, Inc.

"Different Story"
30-second ad annnounced Sept. 23, 2004.


[Music] Male Announcer: George Bush keeps telling us things are getting better in Iraq.

The facts tell a different story.

Terrorists are pouring into the country.

Attacks on U.S. forces are increasing every month.

A thousand American soldiers have died.

We need a fresh start to fix the mess in Iraq. 

The Kerry Solution: Allies share the burden.

Train Iraqis to protect themselves.

Take the real steps needed to hold free elections.

John Kerry. A new direction in Iraq.

John Kerry: I’m John Kerry and I approved this message.
On the screen: Several montages of Bush, newspaper headlines, and in the background fires, burning cars, tanks.  Images of Kerry and newspaper headline; images of Kerry and text on screen.
Notes and Observations:  Images of fires and recent headlines present a dark picture of the situation in Iraq.  ["U.S. Intelligence Shows Pessimism on Iraq's Future" (NYT, Sept. 16, 2004),  "Iraqi PM: 'Terrorists pouring in'" (CNN, Sept. 20, 2004), "U.S. Troops' Death Rate Rising in Iraq" (WP, Sept. 9, 2004), "U.S. Toll in Iraq Passes 1000 Dead" (Springfield News Leader, Sept. 8, 2004)]  More elaboration on "the Kerry Solution" might make this a more effective spot.