Kerry-Edwards 2004, Inc.

"He's Lost, He's Desperate"
30-second ad annnounced Oct. 3, 2004.

[Music] Male Announcer:  George Bush lost the debate.  Now he’s lying about it.  This is what you heard John Kerry really say:

John Kerry:  The president always has the right for pre-emptive strike.

John Kerry:  I will hunt and kill the terrorists, wherever they are. 

Announcer:  But here’s something new about George Bush – newspapers report he withheld key intelligence information from the American public so he could overstate the threat Iraq posed. 

Bush rushed us into war.  Now we’re paying the price. 

It’s time for a fresh start.

John Kerry: I’m John Kerry and I approved this message.
On the screen:
Notes and Observations:  According to the press release, this ad responds to "the latest desperate and false Bush ad" ("Global Test").