League of Conservation Voters

30-second ad run in Orlando, Tampa and Washington, DC May 18-25, 2004.

Laguens Hamburger Stone


[Music] George W. Bush:  There is no ambiguity in my position in drilling off the coast of Florida.

Male Announcer:  There sure isn't.

President Bush opened up Florida's coast to off shore drilling...

...and he's supported an energy bill that could lead to even more.

Well what would you expect from a Texas oilman?

Just one accident can destroy a coastline.

George W. Bush:  So we got to put programs in place that help Mother Nature.

Male Announcer:  Mr. President, your oil drilling of Florida's coast isn't one of them.


Notes and Observations:  LCV's website notes that this ad came after "Gov. Jeb Bush falsely claimed that John Kerry is for drilling off the coast of Florida."  The ad opens with a clip of Bush speaking at the Rookery Bay Reserve in Florida on April 23, 2004. 

On a technical note the ad uses several interesting dissolves; for example the clip of Bush speaking with greenery in the background goes to a still of Bush with an oil rig dissolved in.