League of Conservation Voters

:30 TV ad run in Pensacola and Panama City, FL markets, starting Aug. 10, 2004.

Laguens Hamburger Stone

[Music] George W. Bush:  As you can see there is no ambiguity in my position on drilling off the coast of Florida.

Male Announcer:  There sure isn't. 

President Bush supported drilling within 30 miles of Pensacola.  And he supported an energy bill that could lead to even more. 

Well what will you expect from a Texas oilman?

Just one accident can destroy a coastline.

George W. Bush: We got to put programs in place that help Mother Nature.  

Male Announcer:  Then Mr. President, don't support drilling off our coast.



Notes and Observations:  Very similar to "Position", the 30-second ad LCV ran in Orlando, Tampa and Washington, DC May 18-25, 2004.