League of Conservation Voters

60-second TV ad run in Madison and Milwaukee, WI and Albuquerque, NM starting Sept. 30, 2004..

Sarah: If you have been paying attention over the past 4 years it should be obvious to you that this country is not going in the right direction.


Colin: The stakes of the 2004 election can really come down to a choice between hope on the one hand and pessimism on the other hand.


Lauren:  What’s different and unique about the League of Conservation Voter’s Environmental Victory Project, is that we are really getting back to the roots of what democracy is all about. 


Ben: One person can make a difference.


Carrie: We’ve grown so close and grown so fond of each other.  It’s just like a small family.


Ben: Working with the LCV isn’t just an experience that will change America; it will change your own life. It’s a really unique experience that you’ll never forget.


Carrie: We really have the opportunity to bring the environment into the forefront.


Will: I think that if you come and join the LCV, we really have a chance to change the direction of the country.


Liz: I think the spirit of the League of Conservation Voters is really just bringing people together and making them believe that they really can change America.


Audio: The League of Conservation Voter Action Fund is responsible for this advertising.  Join us…one to one…we’re making a difference. 

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