The Media Fund

"It's About Jobs."
30-second ad March 2004. 


[Music] Male Announcer: During the past three years it's true George W. Bush has created more jobs. 

Unfortunately, they were created in places like China.

Bush's policies have encouraged the loss of nearly three million jobs.

He supported tax breaks to corporations that shipped jobs overseas.

George W. Bush is taking our country in the wrong direction.  It's time to make America work for every American.


On the Screen: 1. Factory smoke, in lower right corner in small letters "dramatization."  2. Zoom out and pan down to a wide shot of the factory showing signs in Chinese.  3. CG: "Under Bush: Nearly 3 million jobs lost  Bureau of Labor Statistics 1/2001-2/2004"   4. CG: "Under Bush: supported tax breaks to corporations that shipped jobs overseas  Treasury Department February 2003"   5. "Make America Work for Every American" and moving flag background. 
Notes and Observations: It is quite startling to see the signs in Chinese characters on the factory as the camera zooms out and pans down, and it is interesting that the image is actually a dramatization.

The Media Fund is a Section 527 organization headed by Harold Ickes.  It describes itself as "an independent political organization established by prominent Democratic activists to conceive, produce and place TV, radio, print and Internet advertising in battleground states across the country to define the issues for the 2004 local, state and national elections. "