The Media Fund

"Tax Cuts for the Middle Class"
30-second ad late March 2004. 


[Music] [SFX] Male Announcer: The issue: middle class tax cuts.

John Kerry voted to eliminate the marriage penalty and for a child tax credit.

Kerry's economic plan: roll back tax cuts for the wealthiest 1 percent, helping pay for a middle class tax cut. 

Don't reward corporations that export jobs overseas.

[Music shifts sharply] George Bush: he supported tax breaks for exporting jobs, and he raided Social Security to pay for a tax cut for millionaires.

Bush's priorities won't strengthen America.


On the Screen
Notes and Observations: This is the first ad by The Media Fund that not only criticizes President Bush but makes a case for Senator Kerry.  The web address "" goes to a page on The Media Fund site where each of the claims is documented.

The Media Fund is a Section 527 organization headed by Harold Ickes.  It describes itself as "an independent political organization established by prominent Democratic activists to conceive, produce and place TV, radio, print and Internet advertising in battleground states across the country to define the issues for the 2004 local, state and national elections. "