The Media Fund

"Prescription Drugs"
30-second ad run in 17 battleground states beginning weekend of April 24, 2004. 


[Music] Man: There's 14 drugs I take.  If I, I don't take it, I would not be here; it's simple as that.

Male Announcer: Prescription costs are climbing, yet President Bush sided with the drug companies, blocking Medicare from negotiating lower prices and banning Americans from importing low-cost drugs from Canada.

For President Bush drug company profits come first.

Man: If they ever stop me from going to Canada, my feeling is let the government arrest me, let them pay for my drugs.  Put me in jail.


On the Screen
Notes and Observations

The Media Fund is a Section 527 organization headed by Harold Ickes.  It describes itself as "an independent political organization established by prominent Democratic activists to conceive, produce and place TV, radio, print and Internet advertising in battleground states across the country to define the issues for the 2004 local, state and national elections. "