The Media Fund

"Broken Promises"
:60 radio ad run in Philadelphia June 23, 2004 coinciding with President Bush's visit.
Companion print ad.

[Applause sound low in background]  Female Announcer:  Four years ago, George Bush brought his promises to Philadelphia.

Bush: " every child a chance to learn..."

Announcer: Mr. Bush, what do promises mean to the Pennsylvania children who are still waiting for the $200 million in school funds you took away?

Bush: "...we will strengthen Social Security and Medicare..."

Announcer: But what about the nearly 220,000 Pennsylvania seniors who will pay more under your prescription drug plan?

Bush: "...we will extend the promise of prosperity to every forgotten corner of this country..."

Announcer: Mr. Bush, what about the 1.9 million Americans who have lost their jobs, the 8.5 million children with no health insurance, the working families who pay $2,700 more a year for health care, while you collect millions in campaign contributions from the big drug companies?

This is Wednesday, June 23rd, and George Bush is back in Philadelphia.

Mr. Bush, before you bring us one more promise, stop breaking the promises you made four years ago.

Paid for by The Media Fund.


Notes and Observations: Note that the announcer directly addresses President Bush.

The Media Fund is a Section 527 organization headed by Harold Ickes.  It describes itself as "an independent political organization established by prominent Democratic activists to conceive, produce and place TV, radio, print and Internet advertising in battleground states across the country to define the issues for the 2004 local, state and national elections. "