Mothers Opposing Bush

Edie Falco ad
:30 TV ad


Edie Falco:  Hi, I'm Edie Falco and I'm with the MOB [music] -- no not that Mob, Mothers Opposing Bush.

Mothers feel the impact of George Bush's [baby crying SFX] policies every day. 

Too many families can't afford to get sick.

Too many schools are failing our children.

And too many of our children are dieing [gun, artillery SFX] needlessly.

Mothers always put their children first.  Mr. Bush, can you say the same?

Join the MOB; how could you not?

Male Announcer:  Mothers Opposing Bush is responsible for the content of this ad.

On the Screen:
Notes and Observations Falco plays the role of Carmela on the TV show "The Sopranos" hence the reference in the opening line to "no not that Mob"