MoveOn PAC

60-second ad run  on FOX nationally and CNN in New York City and Washington, DC starting April 26, 2004.

Reintroduced Aug. 17, to run week of Aug. 23 on CNN nationally, on FOX News and CNN in Washington, DC and in four Ohio markets--a $110,000 buy.

Created by Pacy Markman, political consulting firm Zimmerman and Markman, Santa Monica, CA.

Announcer: It is said of war that it sometimes brings out the best in a man. 

And sometimes, the very worst. 

[Music and war SFX]  Two men.  The first went to Vietnam.  A lieutenant.  In a boat riding up the Mekong River.  An ambush.  Nowhere to hide.  A harrowing escape.  Then the more harrowing realization that one man was left, wounded in the water.  The lieutenant chose to go back, through the gunfire, because he couldn't leave even one man behind.

[Music changes tone]  The second man sailed to the top of a list, on his father's name, was trained as a pilot, but failed to show up for a required physical.  He was grounded, wasn't seen for months, and then was released eight months early to go to Harvard Business School. 

This election is about character.  It's between John Kerry, who left no man behind…

… and George W. Bush, who simply left. 

Announcer:  MoveOn PAC is responsible for the content of this advertisement. 



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