Voter Fund

30-second ad run in battleground states starting March 4, 2004, coinciding with Bush's first ads.

Created by Pacy Markman, political consulting firm Zimmerman and Markman, Santa Monica, CA.

[Music] Male Announcer:  Times are tough.

So you work overtime to make ends meet.  Then you find out George Bush wants to eliminate overtime pay for 8 million workers. 

Two million jobs lost.

Jobs going overseas.

And now no overtime pay.

When it comes to choosing between corporate values and family values, face it, George Bush is not on our side.


Notes and Observations:  A very gritty ad.  The announcer sounds as if he's chewing on nails; the fatigue of the worker portrayed is palpable.  

On March 4 MOVF announced this ad campaign covering 67 media markets in 17 battleground states.  ("Worker" to run in Arizona, Arkansas, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin, and the earlier ad "Child's Pay" to run in Florida, Maine, Minnesota, and Nevada). 

The Republican National Committee sent a letter on the afternoon of March 5 to approximately 250 television stations around the country "informing station managers that the ads purchased by the Voter Fund violate Federal Election Law."  The RNC "requested that stations either decline to run the ads or pull from the air any ads that may already be airing." 

On March 5, MOVF President Wes Boyd announced the group would spend another $1 million to amplify the campaign on top of the initial $ $1.9 million which paid to run the ad through March 8.