"Bob Schick"
30-second ad run in Wisconsin and New Mexico May 25, 2004.


Four years ago I supported Ralph Nader because he stood for the issues I believe in -- a clean environment, civil rights and a sensible foreign policy.

But now, after seeing how quickly and thoroughly the Bush administration has wounded our country -- there's more pollution, an economy that sends our jobs overseas, and a war I have serious questions about -- I feel I made a mistake.

By supporting Ralph Nader, I actually helped George Bush.


On the Screen: 1. Medium wide shot of man in outdoors setting talking to the camera; he is identified on screen as Bob Schick, High School Teacher.  2. Medium close up of Schick talking to the camera.   3. Text screen (trees/greenery in background) "The Bush Record" reinforces points Schick makes.  4. Shick talking to the camera: add disclaimer.  5.  Text screen "The Stakes Are Too High/Go To"
Notes and Observations: Shown this ad on the May 23, 2004 ABC's "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" Nader responded:
Here's what I'd say.  That for every Bob Schick there are nine times more Democrats who could have started an ad this way.  "Hi, I'm a Democrat and in the year 2000 I supported George W. Bush because I thought he was not going to engage in nation-building, because I thought he was a compassionate conservative."  Why don't the Democrats go after the eight million Democrats who voted for George Bush in 2000?  Thirty-five percent of union members voted for George Bush in 2000.  Instead of trying to block an effort that reminds them of their past as a party, blocks an effort that want to get more voters out, more voters engaged...