60-second ad to run beginning July 12, 2004 in Portland, OR (Nader ballot line still up in the air); Madison, WI (Sept 7 ballot deadline); Philadelphia, PA (Aug. 2 ballot deadline), Lansing, MI (July 15 ballot deadline) and southern FL. 


Right-wing Republicans will do anything to stay in power.  Remember Florida and the 2000 election?

Well the same right-wing Republicans that are anti-choice and anti-environment are suddenly pro-Nader.

Right-wing extremists are even trying to help Nader's campaign in Oregon, Wisconsin and, yes, Florida again!

Even one of President Bush's friends and top donors, billionaire Dick Egan, gave money to Ralph Nader.

And other Bush donors are pouring tens of thousands of dollars into Nader's campaign.


Because the right wing knows that helping Ralph Nader helps George Bush.

As one right-wing group says, Nader could peel away a lot of support from Kerry; let's give Nader what he wants and just watch what happens.

After all the good he has done, Ralph Nader's legacy could be reduced to four more years of George Bush. 

Mr. Nader, declare your independence from the right-wing extremists.


Paid for and authorized by the National Progress Fund and not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.


Notes and Observations: Six uses of "right-wing" in 60 seconds.