"Bush-Nader, '04"
60-second TV ad run in Wisconsin and New Mexico Aug. 16, 2004.

The Jackson Group

Male Announcer:  Something strange is happening in American politics.

George Bush's right-wing Republicans are now helping Ralph Nader.

It's true: Bush supporters are now giving Nader tens of thousands of dollars.

Republicans are helping Nader get on the ballot--in Oregon, Nevada, Michigan, Iowa, New Hampshire, New Mexico...even Florida.

Why?  Because the right-wing believes that helping Ralph Nader helps George Bush.

But now, even though Republicans have tried to destroy the very progressive causes he has fought for, Ralph Nader is taking help from the right-wing.

Strange, isn't it?

Bush and Nader.

Nader working with Republicans.

Who knows--maybe Republicans and Nader know something we don't.

Visit and tell Ralph Nader to stop taking help from Bush supporters.

The National Progress Fund is responsible for the content of this ad.

Notes and Observations: This ad and the accompanying print ad garnered some free media attention by raising the fanciful notion of a Bush-Nader ticket.