Nationa Rifle Association 30-minute infomercial (Part I)
Sept. 9, 2004

Wayne LaPierre
:  Hello, I'm Wayne LaPierre, head of the National Rifle Association.

You know sometimes it doesn't matter whether you're Democrat, Republican or Independent, or whether you're a gunowner or not, or whether you even think about politics, you just need to know the truth.


As you'll see the truth is that John Kerry is trying to deceive voters by the millions.  So ask yourself, if John Kerry will lie about something as sacred as his position on the Bill of Rights what issue won't he lie about.  You'd think a man who claims to represent Massachusetts would stand for the freedoms won there at Lexington and Concord Bridge and the Boston Tea Party.  But that's not true according to some of the people John Kerry has represented or misrepresented.  Don't just listen to me, listen

Mark Folco, Mass. Voter:  I look at him and go what a phony.  That’s, that’s how you can sum up John Kerry, a big phony.  That’s all he is.  He’s no sportsman.   He is no hunter.
Linda Monti, Mass. Voter:  I don’t believe he’s a hunter.  My husband is a hunter, his friends are hunters.  I don’t think John Kerry is one of them. I think it’s a farce; I think it’s all for the cameras
Don Kusser, Laborers' Union:  Just look at he’s voting record, it will tell you right there that he doesn’t support my 2nd Amendment rights.
Paul Caobelli, Mass. Voter:  He’s more liberal than Ted Kennedy ever thought of being. 
Tom Witham, Mass. Voter:  He’s gone after us for as long as he’s been in  the Senate.  In this state we’ve all but lost our rights.
Jim Park, Mass. Voter:  John Kerry’s a Massachusetts Democrat.   John Kerry has spent his whole political career trying to dismantle my rights, the rights of fellow MA citizens. He wants all guns gone.
Louis Hambly, Mass. Voter:  He will sell the country down the drain to the UN.  We will have lost all our gun rights, and our freedoms that all of our forefathers fought for.
Lynne Roberts, Mass. Voter:  It’s definitely a freedom issue.  But it’s even broader than that. It goes to the meaning of what it means to be an American.
Jacqueline Scott, Mass. Voter:  It’s a right.  And why I shouldn’t I if it’s guaranteed by the Constitution, why shouldn’t I have a right to enjoy the use of firearms for pleasure, for self-protection, for hunting.
Mark Folco:  If he takes my gun rights away, my way of live is over,  If Kerry’s President, it’s done.
Ginny’s Question:  But John Kerry says he’s counting on you and your union for your vote?
Man 1 (Local 1139):  And he isn’t going to get it.
Man 2:  There is more important things to me than my union and that’s my country. And that’s my sovereignty and that’s my freedom. They come first.
Man 1:  We work with guys that are Democrats and they tell us all day long, there’s no way in heck they’re going to vote for John Kerry, they just don’t trust him.

Kevin Roach, Steelworkers Union:  If he gets into the White House, I don’t know what the man’s going to do.  I don’t know what the guy stands for.
Charlie Vlassakis, Retired Police Officer:  You can’t trust him.  We got a man in the White House now that’s doing a good job, George Bush. 
Jacqueline Scott:  I think what worries me about John Kerry is that my rights will be eroded.  That they won’t be respected, that they won’t be upheld.  
Jim Park:  John Kerry will do everything in his power to take away the 2nd Amendment rights of every individual American citizen.
Man:  I’m voting for a man who supports freedom, doesn’t flip flop and George Bush is the man.
Man 1 (Local 1139):  Oh absolutely, anybody who thinks that John Kerry wouldn’t take away their rights, isn’t living on this planet.   My rights are very important to me, I can get another job.  But I can’t get my rights when they’re taken away from me.

Chris Cox:  As you just saw in Massachusetts, they've seen the real John Kerry.  So have I.  I'm Chris Cox.  In my career in the halls of Congress I've seen what John Kerry says and what he does.  He says he supports gun rights, but he never has.  That's why John Kerry has a 100 percent record with anti-gun groups like the Brady Campaign.  He even has a 100 percent rating by PETA, the same PETA that wants to ban all hunting.  Now maybe you don't own a firearm today, but tomorrow or next month or next year do you want the freedom to make that choice?  If you do, be wary of Kerry.  For all his flip-flops, John Kerry's been consistent on one issue.  He's voted against gunowners and hunters every chance he got.

Let's look at his record, 'cause records don't lie.

Semi-automatic firearms have been around for more than 100 years.  They're the guns you use[d] in the duck blind with your father and grandfather.  So do you think millions of those firearms should be banned?  I say no.  But John Kerry said yes.  [SFX].  Not once but nine times.

Do you think they should ban rifle ammunition used by hunters and target shooters?

John Kerry said...yes.

Wayne LaPierre:  I was there in 1986 when we passed the historic Firearm Owners Protection Act that ended years of government abuses of honest gunowners.  Just a handful of Senators opposed it.  One of them was John Kerry.  That's right.  When the chance came to protect your rights from powerful bureaucrats, John Kerry voted no, no, no and no.

Chris Cox:  Do you think American gunmakers should be held responsible for criminals who misuse their products?

John Kerry said yes.

Do you believe that people have [a?] right to free speech during elections?

John Kerry doesn't and voted no.

The National Rifle Association supports instant background checks.  But nobody loves unnecessary waiting periods more than John Kerry.  He wants to make you wait even after an FBI background check.  Should you be forced to wait days or weeks just to exercise your 2nd Amendment. rights?  John Kerry said yes.  Time after time after time. 

For years gun shows have been an American tradition.  Do you think they should be shut down and private transfers between friends result in a prison sentence.  John Kerry said yes--every time.

Suppose a juvenile criminal steals your gun and commits a crime.  Should you get u to a year in prison and a $10,000 fine?

Incredibly John Kerry says yes.

Should bureaucrats be allowed to store your private data in a goverment computer in Washington, DC just to build a list of gunowners?  That's what leads to gun confiscation, but John Kerry...said yes.

Wayne LaPierre:  That's not all, but that should be enough proof that whatever your politics--gunowner or not--John Kerry's record proves he's the most anti-gun presidential nominee in U.S. history.  And if he'll lie about his belief in the U.S. Constitution, what won't he lie about?  John Kerry is no friend to gunowners.  He's  a Cape Cod Fraud posing with a shotgun a betting you'll buy the lie.  For some it's not working.  Take a look:

Radio talk show host: I'm your host Paul Shiffer [phon] broadcasting live from Cleveland, Ohio the Salem Radio Network and the studios of WHKW...

Barbara Lee Miami, Councilwoman, Maple Heights, Ohio (D):  I don’t hide being a Democrat for Bush.  I’ve got bumper stickers all over my truck right along with children’s military stickers. I just don’t have faith that Kerry can do the job.
Don Pagath, Glass Makers Union:  I can think of three real good reasons not to vote for Kerry, and that would be Ted Kennedy, Charles Schumer and Dianne Feinstein.  They’re all anti-gunners.

Bob Sines, Retired Teamster:  In the hands of John kerry I believe we’d be totally disarmed as Americans.
Leah Clark, Ohio Voter:  It’s ridiculous and it’s an assault on our nation.  And I’m just not going to back a party that backs that.  Or that pushes that agenda.
Frank Artino, Councilman, Maple Heights, Ohio (D):  I am energized about supporting Bush this time.   I am not energized with the Democratic party’s choices.

Jim Wasylovski, Coal Miner: My union tells me vote Kerry, but I say no because I want my 2nd Amendment rights to live for my children and their children.
Lee Farrell, Coal Miner:  The 2nd Amendment represents our freedom, the American people’s freedom.
Bud West, Vietnam Veteran:  I’ve been a union man all my life.  I won’t vote for him.
Kenton Kuzminsky:  I am a registered Democrat and I won’t vote Democrat this time because like I said I think Bush does a great job.  I think Kerry’s the wrong person.
Rick DeLattre, Penn. Voter:  John Kerry would try to diminish what we have worked for so long in this country, and that’s the right to bear arms, to protect ourselves.

Walter Giffin, Penn. Voter:  I’m a Democrat, registered Democrat from day one, I vote for Bush.

Jamie Adams, Former Sheriff-Sumter County: John Kerry in my estimation was the poorest choice that we Democrats could have possibly made to represent our country.
Jon Hansen, Rolling Thunder FL Chapter Director:  He’s not one of me, he’s not one of mine and I can find no reason to trust him, he waffles too much.
Gerry Millholen, Rolling Thunder Member:  He’s a liar. That’s what he is plain and simple.  He wouldn’t know the truth if it walked up and hit him in the head.

Man in bar:  He says he’s a hunter and a sportsman, but you know it’s like Al Gore invented the internet.
Butch Durst, Glass Makers Union:  When he’s on the campaign trail he’s telling people, yes, I want you to have guns.  But when he’s back in the Senate, he doesn’t support the 2nd amendment.  He wants to abolish the 2nd amendment.
Rick Murphy, Shift Foreman:  I don’t care what he wears or what he holds, it’s what he believes in his heart.   And John Kerry will tell you exactly what you want to hear.
Jamie Adams: This guy is an absolute joke.  The only thing he’s ever hunted in his life is a vote.  And he ain’t getting mine.
on Radio: " I think there are a lot more frustrated, disenchanted Democrats out there that these polls aren’t picking up on right now.
Barbara Lee Miami: I totally disagree with Mr. Kerry’s changing the Constitution, rewriting the Constitution.   He wants to totally take away our rights, what’s next?
Leah Clark: We enjoy many rights and freedoms others can only dream about and it deserves to be protected , it deserves to be cherished.
Man with beard: The Democrats preach you’re going to lose your job.  You’re going to lose your job.  You lose your constitutional rights, you’ve lost it all the heck with the job.
Bill Batoff, National Democrat Strategist:  You have to look more than just at John Kerry.  You have to also look at who is behind John Kerry.  The Michael Moore's of the world, the people who don’t have any logic behind what they do, except hate mongering.   They are really, really very dangerous people.
Jamie Adams:  Anytime, anybody wants to mess with any part of the Constitution, whether it be the 2nd Amendment or any other amendment, it just tells me that they want to have their own agenda and they could care less about the people that they are serving.
Frank Artino:  I want to go to bed in the evening feeling secure for not only myself and my wife, my family and for my country.  And wake up tomorrow knowing that the promise will continue.  I don’t feel that way with John Kerry.
Gerry Millholen:  If John Kerry gets in the White House., he’s going to take our freedoms, our liberties, our God-given rights as human beings.
Glenn Blanton, Glass Blowers Union:  Wake up and do your homework because when Election Day is over it’s too late.  When you get a gun grabbing president.
Man with beard:  The Constitution is what they swore to defend and by God that’s what they ought to do. Defend the Constitution.
Rick Murphy:  When I go into the voting booth in November I’m going to vote for my 2nd Amendment rights and my freedom.
Man:  That’s all it takes is one vote to protect your firearms rights, just one vote.

Wayne LaPierre:  It's obvious the 2nd Amendment would not be safe with John Kerry in the White House, but it's not safe in the U.S. Senate either.

Chris Cox:  Because we're just a few seats away from losing the Senate to a gun-hating majority.  That means they can stack the Supreme Court to rule against your rights for your lifetime.  So vote for Senate candidates who'll defend your rights.  But there's another reason to vote for pro-gun Senators.  Somebody's got to stand between you and the United Nations' plan to confiscate your guns.  Stay tuned...

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