NRA Political Victory Fund

:30 ad from July 21, 2004; a small buy -- cable in DC, NY and select other markets.

Ackerman McQueen 

Wayne LaPierre:  John Kerry, you're not fooling American gunowners. 

This campaign flyer says you protect 2nd Amendment rights.

That's a lie.

You voted right along with Feinstein, Schumer and Kennedy against gunowners for 20 years, but you say you protect the 2nd Amendment.

Sen. Kerry, how can you talk out of both sides of your mouth and keep a straight face?

Male Announcer:  The NRA Political Victory Fund paid for and is responsible for this message.  Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.


On the Screen: 1. Medium wide shot of Wayne LaPierre talking directly to the camera.  2. Zoom in on flyer.  (Laborers' Local 393: "John Kerry will protect your union and your 2nd Amendment rights").  3. Wayne LaPierre. 
Notes and Observations: Blunt; uses the word "lie" directly.