National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund

"Voting Record"
60-second ad from Sept. 9, 2004.

Chris Cox: I'm Chris Cox with the National Rifle Association. 

John Kerry's trying to convince us that he's a sportsman. 

But listen to what Kerry told CNN before he started campaigning for president.

John Kerry: I think you ought to tax all ammunition more personally; I think you ought to tax guns.

Cox: That doesn't sound like any sportsman I know. 

In fact not only does John Kerry want more taxes on gunowners, he also voted to allow trial lawyers to sue American gunmakers out of business.

John Kerry actually thinks these law-abiding companies should be held responsible for the acts of criminals.  And you know who ends up paying the tab for these lawsuits?

Honest sportsmen like you.

That's why Kerry has a 100 percent rating with anti-gun groups like the Brady campaign and PETA--the same PETA that wants to ban all hunting.

Get the real truth at

Because if John Kerry wins, you lose.

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