People of Color United

Four radio ads run Aug. 2004 on urban black station in Detroit, Kansas City, St. Louis, Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Milwaukee.

M. Darrell Williams

Female Announcer: John Kerry for president?  How is it we don't know anything about this guy?  You'd think someone who has been in office for 22 years, we'd know why he's supposed to be our savior.  What's Kerry done for us?  ...Our community doesn't need another wishy-washy, rich, white politician.  And boy, does Kerry come across as rich, white and wishy-washy...


Announcer: ...His wife says she's an African American.  While technically true, I don't believe a white woman, raised in Africa, surrounded by servants, qualifies...


Announcer: Unemployed?  Know someone who is?  Would an extra 13 weeks of unemployment benefits have helped?  Thanks to John Kerry we'll never know. That's right.

Apparently - to make sure we vote against President Bush - Kerry made sure people who have lost their jobs, won't get an extra 13 weeks of unemployment payments!  The facts...

Recently, the US Senate voted on a bill to extend unemployment benefits an extra 13 weeks...It needed 60 votes to pass...99 out of 100 Senators voted - Kerry did not!  It lost by one vote!

Maybe Kerry thought the more of us who are unemployed and hurting - the more likely we would vote Democrat!  Kerry did not vote to extend unemployment benefits an additional 13 weeks.  If he had voted for it - it would have passed...and we'd have an additional 13 weeks of unemployment benefits! 

Why are we supposed to help someone who didn't help us?  Stay tuned!

Announcer: Is John Kerry taking the Black community for granted?

Recently CNN reported that the Kerry campaign has - Quote, "no one of color in his innermost circle." 

Julian Bond, chairman of he NAACP told the New York Times - Quote, "I don't think you can be a serious contender for the votes of people of color - if you don't have people of color making the decisions in your campaign."

Paula Harris, founder of the Andrew Young National Center For Social Change, said a Kerry comment regarding Blacks is - Quote "another example of the mentality of some members of the Democratic Party who take Black votes for granted."

John Kerry has been in elected office for 22 years, and we don't know what he's done to earn our votes.  And if he hasn't had Black folk involved in key positions during that entire time - getting some involved in the next few months doesn't impress me! 

Maybe he'll say something to prove he isn't taking us for granted.  I doubt it - but stay tuned.


Notes and Observations: According to news accounts this was a $70,000 buy.  People of Color United is an entity formed in the first week of August 2004   Virginia Walden-Ford, who heads DC Parents For School Choice, a Washington-based  nonprofit group that advocates school vouchers, is president of People of Color United; the major financial backer is J. Patrick Rooney.   Walden-Ford was listed in a May 27, 2004 Bush-Cheney '04 press release as a Bush-Cheney '04 National Bush-Cheney '04 Educators for Bush steering committee member.