Progress for America Voter Fund

"Quiet Strength"
:30 ad from early June 2004.

McCarthy Marcus Hennings, Ltd.


[Music] Male Announcer: Howard Dean's scream.  [Dean: "Yeahhhh!"].

Al Gore's rant.  [Gore: "How dare they..."]

And John Kerry, endlessly changing positions on Iraq.

But beyond the partisan hysteria, there's real progress in Iraq.

A brutal mass murder deposed.

Schools reopened. 

Women gaining rights.

You don't hear much about that because bad news sells. 

The war is against terror and President Bush has the quiet strength and courage to lead us to victory.

Progress for America Voter Fund is responsible for the content of this ad.


On the Screen: 1. Photo of Dean.  2. Photo of Gore.  3. Photo of Kerry pointing to the right; flip so that he's pointing to the left; add photo of him pointing straight ahead.  Text "Endlessly Changing Positions on Iraq"  4. Text "Look Beyond the Partisan Hysteria"  5. Clip of smiling children.  6. Bearded Saddam Hussein.  7. Photos of kids.  8. Photo of women demonstrating.  9. Clip of two women walking.  10. Text "Bad News Sells"  11. Hooded figure with gun.  12. Photo of Bush with American flags in the background.  13. Close up of Bush and disclaimer.
Notes and Observations