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"Ashley's Story"

60-second ad, second half  of Oct. 2004.  Also see 30-second version.
Lynn Faulkner  Mason, Ohio: My wife Wendy was murdered by terrorists on September 11th.

Male Announcer: The Faulkners' daughter Ashley closed up emotionally.

But when President George W. Bush came to Lebanon, Ohio, she went to see him, as she had with her mother four years before.

Linda Prince  Family Friend: He walked toward me and I said, Mr. President, this young lady lost her mother in the World Trade Center.

Ashey: And he turned around and he came back and he said I know that's hard.  Are you all right?

Linda Prince: Our president took Ashley in his arms and just embraced her, and it was at that moment that we saw Ashley's eyes fill up with tears.

Ashley: He's the most powerful man in the world and all he wants to do is make sure I'm safe, that I'm okay.

Lynn Faulkner: What I saw was what I want to see in the heart and in the soul of the man who sits in the highest elected office in our country.

Male Announcer: Progress for America Voter Fund is responsible for the content of this message.
On the screen:
Notes and Observations:  According to Progress for America, "Ashley's Story" was "the single most expensive TV advertisement buy among all organizationals and all campaigns in 2004 ($16.7 million to run 29,875 spots)."