Planned Parenthood Action Fund

"Helen Hunt"

30-second ad annnounced Oct. 11, 2004--on cable stations, including popular channels like MTV, TBS and USA, target markets including Tampa, Fl, Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; Des Moines, IA; Milwaukee and Madison WI; Portsmouth, NH; Minneapolis, MN; and the Philadelphia, PA suburbs.


Helen Hunt: In 2000, 22 million single women didn't vote. 

This year you and women like you hold the power to change the course of our country.

We know.  We're Planned Parenthood. 

We've helped women make many choices.

Now we're asking you to make one more.

For the first time in history, Planned Parenthood endorsed a candidate for president -- John Kerry.

This election is that important.

So join with Planned Parenthood, vote John kerry for President.

Female Announcer: Planned Parenthood Action Fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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