Planned Parenthood Action Fund


30-second ad annnounced Oct. 11, 2004--on cable stations, including popular channels like MTV, TBS and USA, target markets including Tampa, Fl, Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; Des Moines, IA; Milwaukee and Madison WI; Portsmouth, NH; Minneapolis, MN; and the Philadelphia, PA suburbs.


I used to think one vote, my vote
didn't make a difference
But there's so much
at stake this year.
George Bush is against basic sex education programs
that give women information about contraception
and have helped reduce teen pregnancy.
Bush has even tried to restrict access to contraception
and cut family planning programs.
The stakes are so high
Planned Parenthood endorsed a candidate for president
for the first time ever.
Planned Parenthood Action Fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.
On the screen: A sequence of short clips of women talking to the camera.
Notes and Observations: