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"4 Years Ohio"
30-second ad in the can Aug. 18, 2004.

Laguens HamburgerStone
[Music]  Female Parent:  Four years ago they promised to improve our schools.

Female Teacher:  But today there's more bureaucracy.

Male Student:  More crowded classes.

Female Teacher:  More teaching to the test

Female Student
: That makes it harder to learn.

Male ParentAnd broken funding promises mean teacher layoffs and higher taxes.

Female Parent (as above):  Don't Ohio's kids deserve better?

Male Announcer: John Kerry has a different plan.  500,000 teachers to reduce class size and provide the individual attention Nevada's children need.

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Notes and Observations:  There is an interesting distinction between this ad and the companion ad "4 Years Nevada."  In the Ohio ad, the male parent expresses the concern, "And broken funding promises mean teacher layoffs and higher taxes" rather than "And the latest test scores show the Administration's plan is not working."  Other than that, the two ads use two different sets of actors saying the same lines (except one ad refers to Ohio's kids and the other to Nevada's kids.)