Republican National Committee

Internet ad June 21, 2004.


Frame 1: The Republican National Committee presents: "A Very Kerry Weekend"

Frame 2: Last week Senator Kerry traveled the country trying to convince Americans that we are living through the Great Depression.

Frame 3: Last weekend, Senator Kerry spent some time in Nantucket relaxing

Frame 4: It is almost impossible to put a value on a weekend off

Frame 5: A tank of gas for his $700,000 boat, "The Scaramouche" - $647.00

Frame 6: New tire for his $8,000 bicycle - $40.00

Frame 7: Going kite surfing - $2,500

Frame 8: Sautéed Yuzu-Dusted day boat sea scallops - $36.00

Frame 9: A good night's sleep in your coastal mansion after a week traveling the country on a "Days of Malaise Tour" 

Frame 10: Priceless!

Frame 11: Where do you think John Kerry will summer this year?


Notes and Observations

The DNC responded with this press release on June 22, 2004: 


A Very Vacationed President Spends 43% of Presidency Takin' It Easy

Washington, D.C. In response to the Bush Campaign creating an ad criticizing Senator John Kerry's vacation time, the Democratic National Committee gently reminded the GOP that George W. Bush has spent 43.4% of his days in office out of office, namely on vacation. 

The bulk of Bush's vacation time was spent in Crawford TX, but he also enjoyed the pleasures of Camp David and the family retreat in Kennebunkport, Maine.

The $1 million, 4,000-square-foot Texas ranch house on nearly 1,600 acres may not be like the three story Kennebunkport, Maine, vacation home of W.'s youth, but it ain't too shabby either.  Besides the brush that perpetually needs clearing, the ranch also features a 10-acre private fishing lake stocked with 5,000 largemouth bass.  After all, it's got to have some perks to be the kind of place the President spends almost half of his Presidency.