Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

:30 second ad late Aug. 2004


Male Voice Over:  Symbols.  They represent the best things about America.

Freedom … Valor … Sacrifice.

Symbols, like the heroes they represent, are meant to be respected.

Some didn’t share that respect…and turned their backs on their brothers.

Kerry (1971 interview "Viewpoints"):  "…renounce the symbols which this country gives… …and that was the medals themselves…I gave back – I can't remember – six, seven, eight, nine…"

Male Voice Over:  How can the man who renounced his country's symbols now be trusted?

Swift Boat Veterans for truth is responsible for the content of this advertisement.


On the Screen:  1. Shots of the American Flag, Jefferson Monument, Washington Monument.  2. Footage of  Marine Honor Guard.   3. Footage of WWII Veterans.  4. B&W footage of anti-war rally/Medal Toss event, attended by John Kerry in Washington, April 23, 1971.  5. Interview With John Kerry, "Viewpoints", 1971.  6. Picture of John Kerry.
Notes and Observations