:30 TV ad running in Milwaukee, WI on Nov. 1, 2004.  SEIU reported spending $1.4 million for three TV and six radio spots in Wisconsin on health care.  


Female Announcer: George Bush got his.

Male Announcer: $6.6 million in campaign cash from insurance and big drug companies.

Female Announcer: And they got theirs.

Male Announcer: Bush's Medicare plan gives insurance and drug corporations $147 billion.

Female Announcer: What did you get?

Male Announcer: The bill.  Wisconsin seniors alone will pay $106 million more in Medicare payments next year.  A record increase.

Female Announcer: Don't give Bush and the insurance companies another chance to gut Medicare.

Male Announcer: The Service Employees International Union Committee on Political Education is responsible for the content of this advertising.


On the Screen:
Notes and Observations