"The Right Thing"

30-second ad run in WI in fall 2004.  SEIU COPE reported spending $1.4 million for three TV and six radio spots in Wisconsin on health care.

[Music] Tracy Surprise (Wisconsin registered nurse): I think George Bush is ignoring the health care needs in this country.

Bruce Moore (Dane County home care aide): I don't think George Bush has done anything for health care, not that I can see.

Tracy Surprise: George Bush has sided with the pharmaceutical industry on every issue with respect to drugs.

Walter Ormes (Onalaska school employee): John Kerry has a plan for health care.

Ann Louise Tetreault (Wisconsin registered nurse): All children will be covered.

Walter Ormes: It will help to lower insurance premiums.

Bruce Moore: He'll do the right thing.

Female Announcer: And that's why the Service Employees International Union Committee on Political Education is responsible for the content of this advertising.

On the Screen
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