"Don't Do This To Us Again"  :30 TV ad to run in OR starting May 31, 2004.

The Jackson Group
(Bud Jackson)
Alexandria, VA


[Ominous Music in Background] Male Announcer: Less than 5 percent of the 2000 vote and look what Ralph Nader cost us. 

1.5 million jobs still lost.

40 million without health care.

Zero weapons of mass destruction.

Numbers don't lie, but presidents do.

Bush (clips from 2003 speech): ...several mobile biological weapons labs...

..botulinum toxin...

...aluminum tubes suitable for nuclear weapons production...

Announcer: Ralph, what's more important--your nation or your ego? 

Don't do this to us again.


On the Screen: This is a fairly busy ad in that it has a number of different visual elements going at any one time. 
Notes and Observations: Compared to The's Bob Schick ad, which went up less than a week earlier, this ad is much harsher on Nader and on Bush.  There is almost what one observer termed a "scorched Earth" approach.