Texans for Truth

:30 second ad run starting Sept. 8, 2004.  Initial buy of $110,000 in Harrisburg, PA, Columbus, OH, Detroit, MI, Portland, OR and Phoenix, AZ.


Text: Was George W. Bush AWOL in Alabama?

Bob Mintz: I heard George W. Bush get up there and say, 'I served in the 187th Air National Guard in Montgomery, Alabama.'

I said, 'Really, that was my unit? And I don't remember seeing you there.'

So I called my friends and said, 'Did you know that George Bush served in our unit?' and everyone said, 'No I never saw him there.'

Text: Tell us whom you served with, Mr. President.

Bob Mintz: "It would be impossible to be unseen in a unit of that size."

Text: George Bush has some explaining to do.

Voice over: Texans for Truth is responsible for this advertisement.


On the Screen:  Text screens and several shots of Mintz talking to the camera.
Notes and ObservationsImitation is the sincerest form of flattery as the saying goes.  Following upon the example of "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" Texans for Truth appeared on the scene on September 8, 2004 with this 30-second TV spot featuring a former Lieutenant Colonel in the Alabama Air National Guard who did not recall seeing Bush when he was supposed to be serving there in 1972.  According to its website, "Texans for Truth is the 527 arm of DriveDemocracy, a 20,000-member Texas-based grassroots organization that seeks to increase political participation by helping ordinary people make their voices heard in politics."