The Media Fund

"Has a Plan"
One of the
"Break 'em Off" 15 second ads announced Sept. 13, 2004 aimed at African American audience 18 to 35 year olds in selected battleground states.

Fuse Advertising
(St. Louis, MO)

[Static SFX]


Text: Under Bush 1.1 million  more African Americans now live in poverty.

Male Voice: Bush has a plan for America, but you are not a part of it.

Text: 49% of the homeless are African Americans.

Male Voice: Don't keep getting played.

[Music Up]

Male Announcer: The Media Fund is responsible for the content of this advertisement.

[Static SFX]
On the screen
Notes and Observations:  

"2.7 Million Factory Jobs"
Text: 15% of the factory jobs held by African Americans have disappeared.

Male Voice: Bush is encouraging factory jobs overseas.

Text: 2.7 million factory jobs have disappeared under Bush.

Text: Black youth unemployment is over 30%.

Male Voice: Don't keep getting played.

"Not Done His Job"
Text: African American unemployment has increased 33% since 2001.

Male Voice: Bush has not done his job.  And since taking office he has taken 472,000 of yours.

Male Voice
: What are you going to do about it?

"Gets Paid"
Text: Halliburton got over $18 billion in government contracts.

Male Voice
: Bush, his father and his boys can use the government to get paid.

Text: Drug companies got $139 billion from Bush's policies.

Male Voice: ...but he doesn't want you to be able to use it.

Male Voice: What are you going to do about it?

"Around the Corner"
Text: African American unemployment is 10.9%.  More than double that of whites.

Male Voice
: Bush said prosperity was right around the corner

...but he wasn't talking about the corners in your neighborhood.

Text: Black single moms have lost jobs faster than any other group.

Male Voice
: What are you going to do about it?

"Lesser of Two Evils"
Text: Under Bush, prescription drug costs are up 44 percent.

Male Voice
: This is not about deciding between the lesser of two evils.

Text: Family health care premiums have increased 43 percent under Bush.

Male Voice: African American seniors are more than twice as likely not to be able to afford prescription drugs.

Text: Now that's evil.

Male Voice: Don't keep getting played.

"No Child Left Behind"

Text: Bush cut back $33 billion for schools.

Male Voice
: Bush said he would leave no child behind...

Text: Bush cut $400 million from after-school programs.

Male Voice: ...But he wasn't talking about your child.

Text: The high school graduation rate gap between blacks and white is 25%.

Male Voice: Don't keep getting played.