The Media Fund

"Missing Pages"
30-second ad announced Sept. 23, 2004 to run on national cable and on local stations in St. Louis, MO.  

McMahon, Squier and Associates

When congressional investigators issued their report on nine-eleven….
There were 28 pages missing.
28 pages of evidence that the Saudi government funded the terrorists who killed nearly 3000 Americans.
Evidence kept secret under orders from George Bush.
Was it to protect his Saudi friends?
Or was Bush helping Jim Baker—a top advisor whose law firm is defending the Saudis in a lawsuit against the victims’ families.
Either way, Bush and the Saudis are too close for comfort.
The Media Fund is responsible for the content of this ad.

On the Screen:  Footage of congressional committee hearings; Congressional Report; Redacted pages.  Bush with Saudis.  USA Headline.  George H.W. Bush.  Bush with Baker.  LT Headline. Bush and Saudi.  CG: Get The Facts
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