The Media Fund

"Ohio Worker"
30-second ad announced Sept. 28, 2004 .

McMahon, Squier and Associates

Man wearing hard hat:  I’m not a big Bush fan but what’s Kerry going to do that’s different?

Announcer:  For twenty years John Kerry has fought for jobs.

In the 90’s he helped balance the budget that led to 23 million new jobs.

Man wearing hard hat:  I didn’t know.

Announcer:  Under Bush and Cheney Ohio has lost two hundred and thirty thousand jobs while they give no bid contracts to Halliburton.
Man wearing hard hat:  Halliburton .

Announcer:  Kerry and Edwards will reward companies who keep jobs at home and rebuild a strong middle class for a stronger more secure America.

Man wearing hard hat:  That is a big difference.
Announcer:  Learn more about the Kerry Edwards plan at facts 4 Ohio dot com.

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On the Screen
Notes and ObservationsThe first in a series of Ohio specific ads.