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"First Priority"
30-second ad second half of Oct. 2004 --African American (BreakBushOff campaign)..

[Music] Male Announcer: It would be virtually impossible to continue just getting by.

 For the past four years, Bush’s people got paid, but most of us are catching hell.

John Kerry will raise the minimum wage.

CHYRON: Kerry will give 7 million Americans a raise.

John Kerry’s first priority is to those struggling to make it in America by creating good paying jobs with health care.

CHYRON: John Kerry has a plan to create 10 million jobs.

You need to understand that the clock is being turned back, and no one seems to be paying attention.

You better wake up before you get taken out.

CHYRON: Affirmative action continues to be challenged by The Bush Administration.

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CHYRON: The black community is in a state of emergency; Go To

On the screen:
Notes and Observations: Incendiary language ("You better wake up before you get taken out."  "state of emergency" [emergency in big letters]).