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30-second ad second half of Oct. 2004.

[Music] Male Announcer: Hours after nearly 3,000 Americans were killed, while our nation was mourning the dead and the wounded, the Saudi Royal Family was making a special request of the Bush White House.

As a result of that request nearly two dozen of Osama bin Laden's family members were rounded up, not to be arrested or detained, but to be taken to an airport where a chartered jet was waiting to return them tho their country.

They could have helped us find Osama bin Laden. 

Instead the Bush White House had Osama's family flown home on a private jet in the dead of night when most other air traffic was grounded.

We don't know whether Osama's family members would have told us where bin Laden was hiding and thanks to the Bush White House, we'll never find out.

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