The Media Fund

60-second radio ad run end of Oct. 2004 in HI.

Male Announcer: Wouldn't it be good to have someone on our side?

George Bush has given his biggest tax cuts to millionaires, shifting the burden to the middle class.

Bush has turned a big surplus into the largest deficit in history, leaving trillions in debt for our children, while Dick Cheney's Halliburton gets billions in no bid contracts.

Bush and Republicans have taken $40 million in campaign contributions from drug companies, and now George Bush's so-called Medicare reform guarantees the pharmaceutical industry $139 billion in profit.

And privatizing Social Security is Bush's next big priority, rewarding his friends on Wall Street, and putting our retirement benefits at risk.

John Kerry and John Edwards have a better idea--a plan that's fair for working families here in Hawaii and across America.


Female Announcer: Paid for by the Media Fund and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.  The Media Fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.  Make America work for us dot org.

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