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"Education Facts"
30-second ad run in Ohio Oct. 2004 .

McMahon, Squier and Associates

Woman: Bush hasn't done much for education, but what's Kerry going to do that's different?

Male Announcer: John Kerry fought to make college affordable by letting young people earn money for college through public service.

John Edwards continued that fight because he was the first in his family to go to college.

Woman: Really.

Male Announcer: Under Bush and Cheney college tuition is up 35 percent.

Woman: Wow.

Male Announcer: Kerry and Edwards will offer a $4,000 college tax credit, one more step to rebuild a strong middle class for a stronger, more secure America.

Woman: That is a big difference.

Male Announcer: Learn more about the Kerry and Edwards plan [music starts] at

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On the Screen
Notes and ObservationsAnother Ohio specific ad.