The Media Fund

"Pool Hall"
60-second radio ad run end of Oct. 2004 in OR.

[Ambient sound of a pool hall--music, balls hitting--in the background]  Male Announcer: Ever notice when you're shooting pool there are two kinds of players--the straight shooter and the trick shot artist, who works the angles and puts a lot of spin on the ball...

Like when George Bush talks about taxes.

The fact is, for most Oregonians, the recent Bush tax cuts put less than a hundred bucks in your pocket … not even fifty cents a day.

While this year alone, Bush gave his rich buddies tax breaks worth nearly eighty billion dollars … that's eighty billion with a B.

He even tried to slip a fast tax cut to his friends at Enron.

Even worse, Bush's record budget deficits put you and your kids behind the 8-ball for years to come.

So don't get hustled by George Bush's tax trick shots…

Because working people are the losers.


Announcer: Paid for by the Media Fund and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.  [Fade out ambient sound]  The Media Fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.  Make America work for us dot org.

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